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Character Wood

"Let each man exercise the art he knows."
— Aristophanes (450 BC - 388 BC)

The art that Jacob Clyde knows is the art of wood.

He sees things in it that few others can, perhaps taking in how it bends a certain way and envisioning how that bend might work so naturally in a piece of furniture or a sculpture.

Rather than using "tried-and-true" methods that require the artist to shave away the unique character of a piece of wood to get it to fit into a piece, Jacob would rather play up the "flaw" and create a piece of furniture or a work of art that almost celebrates that flaw.

Jacob prefers to let the natural beauty of the wood show through in the finishing process by burning the wood — just enough to bring out the grain and the detail — and then putting a clear finish on top. While this is his specialty, Jacob also offers painted and stained creations as well.

Natural rocks, tile and metal also often find their way into Jacob's designs. "I like to incorporate other natural materials in with the wood, because they all go together so well," he says.

Jacob usually starts with a plan, but his ability to work with the wood instead of against it and to truly see what the wood wants to be is what makes Jacob Clyde Custom Wood and Metal Sculptures the best place to find truly one-of-a-kind designs.

Jacob always takes into account what his clients want and need, but his design philosophy is simple: To make art not by studying how to perfect the techniques, but to let it come from inside and take him where it needs to go. "The technique and knowledge are there, but I don't want to sculpt the exact same thing over and over."

So if you want furniture, sculpture or other decorative home elements that come from someplace outside the box, Jacob Clyde Custom Wood and Metal Sculptures can help.

And you'll know you're getting a distinctive design that all started with a desire to let that character wood be what it wanted to be.